The Power of Together


by Dan

A few years ago, my son and I were on a flight together from St.  Louis to San Jose,  CA with a change of planes in Denver.  As we approached Denver we could see storm clouds up ahead.   The pilot announced our final descent and we made a bumpy but otherwise uneventful landing.   I knew that the Denver airport was enormous,  so I was surprised when the terminal looked so small.   I was even more surprised when we didn’t pull up to a jetway,  but instead parked on an open section of pavement like some sort of quarantined plane in an action adventure movie.   Finally the pilot explained: due to bad weather in Denver we were put in a holding pattern.   But the plane was low on fuel so we diverted to Colorado Springs  which sadly didn’t have facilities for this particular airline so it took extra time to arrange for fuel.   There was no telling how long we would sit there.   Everyone on the plane started to grumble as we often do when our travel plans go awry. My son was particularly worried,  this being his first time stuck on a plane for an unspecified amount of time. The anxious energy of the people around us only heightened our own.

Then an interesting thing happened.   Someone with a smart phone announced the score of Cardinals’ game.   People cheered for the home team and then started to talk about the Cardinals’ season.   Someone had snacks and offered them to those around him.   Anxiety morphed into camaraderie.  The time passed quickly and before we knew it,  we were on our way to Denver.

This is the power of together.   It provides us space to let go of our worries and gives us a new perspective. This is what Living Waters is all about–being together,  finding camaraderie so we can better navigate the unexpected delays and the change of plans in our lives.

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