Volunteer to Live Longer!

by Linda
It turns out that helping others is good for the body as well as the soul! Researchers are finding that helping others, whether through “random acts of kindness” or regular volunteering, not only gives us a sense of well-being and optimism (called the “helpers high”), but also benefits us physically with significantly lower death rates – 44% lower in one study! (Journal of Health Psychology) A study done by the Corporation for National Service found that states with the highest level of volunteerism also have the lowest rates of heart disease.

Incorporating small ways to help others in our daily life brings health to our whole being and to the community in which we live. Compliment a stranger, write an encouraging post-it for a co-worker, leave flowers for a neighbor, buy a bag of groceries for a local pantry, hold the door for somene, smile!

What small way can you extend life this week?!


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