A Mink in My Backyard

No really!

There is a MINK IN MY BACKYARD! He (or she–I haven’t gotten that close so I can’t say for sure) lives along the bank of the creek that runs past our backyard.  I first noticed the mink a couple of years ago–a dark brown, sleek weasel-like creature running along the edge of the creek.

This winter I have seen it half a dozen times. Once I even saw the little critter swimming under the ice that had formed on the creek.  I just think that’s so amazing–having a mink in my backyard that I don’t have to feed or care for or do anything for–other than catch a glimpse and enjoy.


We live in wondrous world.

A world that God has filled with wondrous things and wondrous sights and wondrous creatures and wondrous people.  Every day we have the opportunity to participate in this amazing, crazy, beautiful creation.

What’s in your backyard? What do you see (or who do you see) when you look out your window? There may not be a mink, but if you look hard enough, I know you will discover some really cool stuff!

American Mink” by PdreijndersOwn work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

One thought on “A Mink in My Backyard

  1. Much better appreciated in your backyard than on your collar! At least times have at least temporarily improved the plight of the wild mink among us. Jane Goodall fears that moral/spiritual evolution won’t happen fast enough to save our own species. Thanks for nudging us forward. Seeing and caring is the first step toward saving.

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